lørdag 19. mai 2007

Jean-Claude Pelletier - Streaking! (1974)

I'm treating you to a rare funk album from a mysterious frenchman today, recorded in France in 1974. Streaking! is an instrumental jazz funk record that sounds like the definitive blaxploitation soundtrack. Meaty funk grooves provide the backbone for the dynamic brass workouts in a wild steaming pot of organ grinds and wah wah guitars. Too bad the french never did a remake of Dolemite, this LP woulda been the perfect score. Streaking! is probably of most use to those of you who live in Los Angeles... whether you're planning a drive-by, a robbery or simply pimp-slapping someone, this is the music you should hear in your head. Getaway music.

If you're a beatmaker or producer you should have no trouble at all copping killer breaks with all the bona fide stank contained in here. And you're likely to get away with it since the record hasn't ever been released on CD, it costs a fortune on eBay and returns few hits on the internet.

Yes, now gimme the stank

Since it's a vinyl rip you'll hear the occasional snap, crackle and pop, but the overall sound quality is great. Check out this record if you're planning on taking a drive in a big city.

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peel sa...

thank you so much, this is really great

the rapper sa...

Thanks a lot for posting this one!

Domi sa...

I'm happy to own this record, it's cult French jazz funk !