lørdag 19. mai 2007

Jill Jones - Jill Jones (1987)

I'm really happy to upload this one today! This is a forgotten pop classic from the eighties that by some mind-boggling reason is still unavailable on cd. It fetches $400 on eBay and is pretty damn hard to find on the internet as well, but fear not, it's coming your way! Apart from the excellent cover, the main selling point here is that it was written and produced by Prince in his prime. Well, officially he just co-wrote three tracks and co-produced one, but i call bullshit on that one, everything on this record sounds exactly like a Prince record, from the delivery of the vocals and the lyrics to the arrangements. The production is as polished here as on Purple Rain or Parade. I'd say Prince plays a lot of instruments here (as do The Revolution), and he's clearly audible singing background vocals on For Love. Whatever the truth might be, this is one juicy pop record. And let's not give Prince all the credit, Jill Jones rules.

Jill Jones started out as a backing vocalist for Prince on the Dirty Mind tour. She later sang lead on 1999 and featured in some of his videos and films. This was her first and only album, until she returned in 2001 with an album that is great, if we're to believe the enthusiasts over at Amazon.

But with her superb vocals/delivery and looks, it's kinda strange that she never amounted to much apart from this record that unjustly had to be forgotten. Well, now that it's here you should grab it. If you like pop music that is!


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